When I Fall down

Posted: November 4, 2010 in my tears and joy

I’ve waited for how many hours outside in your house and I sent 250 SMS and tried to contact you several times, but nothing happens. Four hours isn’t enough to tell you how much I care for you?

It was last September 8 early this year that you never showed up to me. I don’t know the reason but I keep on believing and hoping at that time. I keep on waiting, I keep on calling and I keep on praying that you will realize and open the window for me but sad to say I am nothing.

It was the ridiculous thing that I’ve done in terms for this issue. Before I moved on for almost a year then right now I learn how to play and to manage that issue.

Because of my depression I walk from A.S. Fortuna in Mandaue City to IT Park Lahug. I have a duty at that time around 3 AM and I started to walk 12 MN. The rain was so heavy at that time and I was wearing my jacket and shorts. It was so cold and was wondering in the midst of the night why someone is leaving?

I know that it is really normal that somebody will leave you. Somebody will do. I tried to beg and tried to kneel down if i can fix it. I tried to hold that hands and telling that “please don’t go…” but no one listen… My friend already got that heart.

I never blame no one. Nothing to pin point my filthy finger to any because I know that we both are victims not a suspect. But I learn to let go. I know how but it is really sad. I know that falling in love with your best friend is another story of stupidity in my case…





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