When I trust myself

Posted: November 4, 2010 in my tears and joy


I was so thankful that somebody in this cruel world accepts me on how many times i mess up. He never tried to judge me on what are those mistakes i take up. But he guides me and he encourage me that life is not like that, life is full of happiness and life is really beautiful.

Before i was scared because i tried that one of my trusted friend betrayed me. I can’t let that happen to me again. I isolate myself and be apathetic all of this time just to refrain those people who are not real.

But the more i isolate myself the more i have lost something. The more i never know and learned nothing out of being alone. I don’t want to hide again and to fool myself in that case.

I face the world and feel how cruel it is. He was there too standing outside and listening to my boring stories in his room. I shared to him the things that I want in my life. I shared to him my problem and trust him and open my self for learning.

I learned that trusting others is trusting your self too much. So you are aware of what will be aware of what will happen next time. He is really a good friend of mine. Years and times will never count your friendship it counts when you handle both of the obstacles and learn to forget and forgive each other. It is also called as acceptance in the other way.

I always trust him and I was so proud of him that he was part of my family too. I was so thankful Bro that you provide me that type of person in my life. People who are like that are gift from up above. Thank you so much for that Bro…

One of my friend also told me that if you have some people that you meet in this world treasure them because time will never come back.


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