When somebody hates me of being me…

Posted: November 4, 2010 in my tears and joy


This is the first time I wrote my life here. I was so sad today because I don’t know how can i let myself enter to this person whom she really thinks that I am so boastful…

Hmmm… I don’t understand them.. but I am trying to understand them. People were trying to get wrong if they wanted to talk to me so better to be silent. Better not to speak, better to be a mute one and can’t hear of something that she wanted to say.

One day, she vent to me her emotions in regards with her family problem. She had a quarrel with her younger brother i think. But it is not an excused to vent someone who is in the good mood. (Sigh).

That girl is a negative thinker, she always thought that down to earth is a good thing but for me its not. It is a sin coz God provide us a better talent that you can help other people. She is really a problematic single woman. I tried to look under her past and somebody told me that she had a family problem, then my question si why is it that she cannot handle that simple problem if she is matured enough.

I asked myself if I am a boastful one what part of being a boastful petrified her dignity as a woman? Is her dignity was ruined and was down when I’m going to say something. She always notify my mistakes when i will do something for the benefits of our company. She always makes me wrong.

It was an incident that my big bosses noticed that she never performed well and she had bunches of unreasonable absences.I think it in a positive way that maybe she will grow and give her a chance. Give her a chance to proved to herself and I do believe that she can be one of the best crop in our company.

I was so pity to her because of the things that she was facing. I don’t know what to do but i need you to listen on to me Bro. I expect more that she will improved and was given 15 days to show to my big boss that she can be the best. I do believe on it that she can be.

But the problem is when i talk to her one on one and heart to heart and ask her if he trust me, she says that she trust me but she hate me. How can a person trust that person if she hate the person she trust? She never open herself for learning and listening. Since she maybe think that she is older than me. I don’t know what are her thoughts inside her mind.

Bad thing about this is that she never open her problem to us. But i am still waiting that she will do it for her improvement. I am expecting it too much. I am wondering if how she will improve her performance in the company without improving her attitude. I really understand her and i know that one day she will learn things that she never learned before. The lesson will never penetrate today  but sooner or later maybe.

I am thinking for the best and in a positive way that she can moved her best feet. I will never loose hope for this but myself is loosing hope for her but i keep on praying that she will never give up and also myself will never give up in believing her even if she never believe on me. I want to inspire her for my words and experiences but the bad thing is she always found out that i am a boastful and arrogant person.

Thank you…

Smile always, think positive, and don’t forget to pray to God….



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