When silence break my noise

Posted: November 5, 2010 in my tears and joy


That is true, I can’t refrain of being a person who always talk. Night and day and day and night. I was so thankful that there were few people will love to hear my talks and sometimes they trashed my opinions. Maybe it is better for me to shut my mouth down and write this to this page. Hahahah! Funny isn’t it?

But when I talk it is not to ruin people’s dignity. I never do any backfighting. I don’t want to talk rubbish things like that. I don’t like it better to talk about love and your opinion about it. old research from the scientist and sometimes talk about some inspirational books that I prefer to have.

When I talk this to the person i meet they really open their mouth and thinking of something. Sometimes they think that I am so boastful and sometimes others will agree and tried to apply what i’ve learned. Hahahah! kinda’ weird right?

There is also many incident that they hate me too much because i always talk about that. Because they are only interested in chismis, chika, latest update in others life that they want it to be the talk of the town. But i hate that, I only prefer to have the good things about a person. I am quite curious about that, why is it people are fun of talking rubbish things rather than any inspirational thoughts???Hmmmmmm…. weird right?

One of my teacher when I was in High School loves to listen to me so much. Why? She told me that I am the walking books or encyclopedia. She learned something new about my talks and if she ask some questions I diffinitely have that answer and provide her the name of the books and the author.

I am totally noisy. Noisy in other terms. Noisy and people felt uninterested in that way. But when they have a problem they wanted me. When They want an advice, yes they want to listen on to me. So I am only quite interested if they have a problem. Some of my board mates told me that I am a person who told a never ending story. Hhahahahah!

But typically I am not that type of person. I work alone, I love it! When I rent a room in the city i only have 6 friends out of 60 boarders in the house. Why?? Hhahahah! Why? People will try to ask on it, why? Because I love to be alone, I love to work in my room. I love to watch movies in my room alone. I don’t want to talk but sometimes some of them wanted me to become there friends but I refrain maybe for now they will like me but sooner or later they will never like me. I will be trash in the recycle bin.

Being in this attitude that I have it is a matter of acceptance. I don’t like being a good person at all. I can be good but never as good as God. Damn it! But in that case also I can be a good comrade if you are good or bad. I don’t think  i would select my friends but they select there friends.

So it is better for me to be silent at all. Silent… So i must select the people whom i want to talk to… But I love talking, I earned more money on it. Revealing your true feelings and emotions. If you never talk you will get a bad breath. Watch out for that! I talk but never talk others life unlike people who are meddlers of others.

I’m not a meddler but I love talking. Right now I prefer to be in the mode of silence. Do i need to explain this to all??? ahahah! Idiots and moron never understand this only stupid i prefer of….. ahahahah!


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