When rejection hits me

Posted: November 9, 2010 in dreams

It was awful and was hurt when rejection hits me. But for others it would be the end of the world and for me it is the beginning of my journey. It is the first step to the journey of the new beginning.

It was the day that i applied as a Quality Assurance Representative in the company that I am with before. It is really my ambition to have that position because I want to check what mess I had done. I know that it is not easy for me to do that.

I have  a dream why i wanted to have that prestigious position. Even before I dream to become a Quality Analyst in the prestigious company. I was with Northern Telcoworks, then I was with the Qualfon philippines Inc., then I was with the ICT Marketing Services, then at the Foxgate, then I was with Teletech and then back to the Northern Telcoworks. After joining another company I dream that I want to be the catalyst of change. I want but I can’t make any footstep since I am really a neophyte in this field.

But when I was with the ICT Marketing Services Inc. i applied as A team Leader and dream to handle people whom i wanted to be my friends. But that was not easy. I was being rejected and my application was torn apart at my back. It was really hurt but i smiled and keep dreaming on it.

I was with the Northern early this year and ambition to be one of the Quality Assurance but unfortunately I am again rejected. Rejected but I never loose hope. I know and I believe that popular people also suffered and feel the emptiness of rejection. There were lots of rejection that they face before they have there popularity.

I think that it is not easy to have a big dream. But that dream that i had will still i wanted to pursuit. That is my happiness and that would be the best of my life. To make a dream is one of my happiness if i pursuit on it. The foundation of all ambition is rejection.

“Don’t stop dreaming” according to Mrs. Unabia my teacher in high school. She always told me like that. Yes! I will never stop dreaming. I know that every rejection is a ladder to success. So rejection beware of me don’t make me weak because I am not scared of you! hahahah!


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