Old school of my high school

Posted: February 14, 2011 in my tears and joy

(this is their picture when they are having some fun at the page of high school)


Do you remember your high school days? Where all of the first time in your life was done. Where you meet your first crush and feel the chill out of the nerve. Where you are falling in love with your first love and have a first date to him or her. When you cry for your first break up and searching for a real first friend. The good thing about this is you found your real circle of friends at your high school days.

I was at the Ayala at that time searching for an old friends that inviting me in meeting with the other guys from our high school. When I was at the place where they are it makes me smile and keep me stare at them like those days are repeating over and over. Then I realize that I am really an old man walking in the figment of time.

It was seven years ago that I never saw these guys. After the graduation day, after the day that we need to move on in our dreams that was the day that we left each other and find ways to pursuit our ambitions in life. And alas the day that I turn the page of my life is the day that I need to mesmerize sad and happy things in my high school life.

Meeting them at the mall in Ayala it seems that there was a flash back of the memories that had happen in to me. I saw myself seven years ago, wearing my khaki school uniform with ID and a polo in a flat shoes. I was wondering if I could turn back the time, the time that we met and talk in the corridor of the classroom and was chatting about our lessons that we need to study. Scanning our notebooks and sharing with thoughts and in the midst of the conversation I saw myself again at the mall in the present scenario together with these guys of my high school days.

I know that this part of my life is not a fantasy nor a hallucination or a fragment of my imagination but this one is a mere part of truth behind the reality. I met Erika, a silent girl in my high school days. It seems that she had an expensive words that its hard for her to utter in our days. With her is Angela, as far as I remember this girl is what they called “attorney” since she is the tough young lady in our batch. When I tried to roll my eyes I saw Maricris, the happy girl in a noisy way in our computer class when we are in junior season. Behind them was the silent girl that was my elementary classmate and high school batch Gemcel. I can’t imagine that people are growing and I embrace the fact that I’m loosing days to remember these guys. Today it was an abrupt change, imagine seven years ago and now I’m in front of them and I can’t double-dyed my words or tried to finish my sentence when I meet them. My jaws dropped and I was eaten by pacification.

We went to the field near at the terraces while we need to wait for the other classmates before. I found out that things are better and people surrounds me are changing. A silent Erika turns into a happy and lively one. She talk and she smile unlike before that she was really serious. She cast her joke in front of us and was realize that she change a lot. I thought that Angela was really a serious one before and I found out that she change a lot. Lots of changes on her side together with Gemcel. And the noisy Maricris turns into a silent and elegant woman, a woman with posture and with a descent word to say.

During at that period they were talking about the past and how happy our high school days. And now the halcyon stars is staying in the alignment of constellation and I remember the things that was in that day. We are talking about sharing our answers during the periodical and short quizzes. The day that we shared also projects and idea on how we passed the subject. And I remember those people who never gave answers during the exam. And we laugh together when we drag names.

After that Arnel was here already. A silent type CAT officer when we are in high school. He is really a serious CAT officer before. The good thing is I don’t have CAT coz I join the Boy Scout of the Philippines. Funny right? And here comes Veniel, I’ve heard about this guy before and I remember he was with Aaron and Archie in our days. He was a bit silent when we are in high school. Then Yulena and Lovely reached the scene. It was a lovely, I mean a beautiful night with them. Still the same, Yulena grown up and doing simple things inside the box and was more interactive unlike the other years. Lovely before is like an enigma of the silence when I met her but today everything was change. I mean everybody is changing. We get out in our shell. I don’t know how can I explain this feelings that was in my mind.

We are talking and laughing while we are mesmerizing things. We talk about the past high school days. Even though we don’t have JS prom but we enjoy the day that we had. It seems that high school is not only for all of the first time but it is how we build our self. We ate at the restaurant while we are talking different things. So much fun with these guys. I can’t imagine, I can’t imagine that I was with them looking back in the same page of our life.

We walk from Ayala to Subangdaku, Mandaue just not to end the good conversation since we need to go back in the place where we belong. At the same time we are still talking and laughing. How beautiful high school life would be. I don’t want to terminate the day that we met again. I want it that way. I want it in the same page and chapter of my life. But I’m not the time holder in this century but I was so thankful that we had a great time with these guys.

People are changing and I believe that it is a constant change for everybody. I don’t want to turn the page that I am right now but it is the fact that we need to. I was so thankful about them that we are having some fun and some nice stuff at the end of the day. I remember our innocence that we had when we are at that page.

Some of the guys are married already, some are happy married and some are happy single. Changes in this circle of life is really had a tremendous effect of time. It seems that we are envelop by memories and alternation. Some of the guys past away and we still remember them in a good way. Some of the guys was in the other country striving to pursuit their dreams for their family. This is part of life and this is the greatest thing that life can be done to us. Always heads up for some precipitous changes.

Special Messages:



I was so thankful that you invited me to that beautiful gathering. My time was not wasted and I was so happy to meet you guys. Even how busy I am at work I never had a doubt feelings to attend and be with you. Thank you so much! I wrote it under my journal so that I will never forget this matter. Thank you so much!



Attorney, I have a great time talking to you! You are really amiable and had a good conversation to you. Thanks for those inspirational messages in the phone together with Erika. Thank you for being a good friend!


To the rest of the guys!

Thank you so much! Thank you! We can have another day to celebrate!


  1. Ericka says:


    You’re very much welcOme! Thanks, because you never hesitated to share a portion of your time to join us in that very special evening of looking back and strolling down memory lane, despite I know you live such a very busy life and hectic sked.
    I agree with your introduction, high school life is a time of many “firsts”. There was an article I read over and over again because I can so much relate to it, hehe its entitled” Why High School Memories Often “Loom So Large” In Our Minds”. It answers the question of why our high school memories occupy such a prominent place in our minds even long after our graduation day is over.

    It seems such a wonder how you have the time to write all of these when I know, you’re such a very busy person! Hehe.. But nonetheless, thanks for keeping your promise! Hehe (kay maningil jud ko bah, ani nga write-up. LOL.. =) I thought you have totally forgotten! And guess I’m not the only one feeling nostalgic about desperately wanting to go back to the good high school days! Oh, well, If only I could! =( I would trade everything for that! Hahaha!
    Hmmm.. speaking of changes, did I really change that much? Hahaha! Think, I did, but not that much! You know…. I’m still the same old me. I think I’m inflicted with the Peter Pan syndrome. I refused to grow up! Hahaha!

    “Even though we don’t have JS prom but we enjoy the day that we had…”

    I still wish we can have it, bisan mga dagko nata! I’m hoping! As in… I want to experience how it feels like…You know.. Di paman siguro too late di ba? Hahaha wishful thinking!

    And oh, yes, the walking session from Ayala to Subangdako under the cold, silent, starry, starry night (starry ba to??  ) It’s soooo you! Hehe I remember, you loved to walk!

    Very well said jovel. I super like the article! I can so much relate to every line you say and remember every details with vividness and clarity of that memorable high school days. How we were so young and innocent, and how all we want to do is to enjoy life and live those moments to the fullest! TO loved and be loved= puppy love! Ahahah! A time when we experience so many “firsts”. And if ever I would be given the change to choose a chapter in my life I’d like to go back and live again, I’d choose high school life! Believe me, its so hard to let go of it!

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful article to us and for taking the time to write! Keep on writing!

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