An ounce of time

Posted: February 16, 2012 in my tears and joy
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I am a busy man. I work for my family. I am a single-married person. Is it sound ludicrous right? But that thing is true, technically I am single but married with the responsibility to my family. I don’t have time to have fun that’s how my life is so boring. The money that I’ve earned its just running through my palm and in a mere wink they vanished away. But one thing I’ve learned is that not every thing here can be bought by money. Sometimes we should bend some factors on it.

Every breath for me is money. Everything here is money that’s how money is important to the people. The time was bought by money and paid for money. Money, money, money, (not the Manny Pacquia that I know but he has lot of money). But one thing I realize now that when I was with this person I think time is really important. in a relationship its not about how much time you spent together, its not how much money you spent together but it is how much love you invest in that relationship.

The invest in relationship is not easy. You really need to compromise to each other and  build trust as the foundation on it. Investment of trust is not easy you really need to take days to have it, to build it and to enhance it. But what I’m trying to imply is that you cannot have trust if you don’t have time to each other. Time to spend a romantic talks about your life. Time to view the beautiful panorama together with the glamorous stars and sunsets. Time is one of the best important thing in relationship. One of the pillar in building trust. Love spells like T-I-M-E.

The ridiculous thing about time is that everyday you never know how long time can stay at your palm. So if you have something to say to other people then say it, don’t wait for the PERFECT MOMENT… In this radical world there is no perfect time there should be YOU that controls and budget the TIME.

  1. Salila says:

    Lovely thoughts. Saw your beautifully written journal by chance, cannot help reading it and agreeing with its content.

    • jhovel22 says:

      thanks for that comment. I really appreciate those words that was scribbled here. You guys are my inspiration, you guys are making me happy in writing such melodramatic and happy thoughts in this journal.

      At the end of the day, those words will remain till I close my eyes in the coldness of melancholy but I want to inform you Salila, I love your comments it will be engrave in the ventricle of my heart.

      thanks and have a great day!

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