in rain, under the rain, run with rain

Posted: February 16, 2012 in my tears and joy
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February 15, 2012

I’m not feeling well now. I am sick but still in the office fighting the boredom of work. I was wet in the rain for two nights already. I’m walking while the rain was falling and covered my body with coldness. I love the feelings of being under the rain and flashbacks were running through my mind.

I remember when I was a kid I’d love to be in the rain and my mom won’t let me play under the rain. She wanted me to sleep but I don’t like sleeping. So I run out and play under the rain. I love the rain most. I’ll be under the rain with my friends. We played the paper boat and have a race on it. It’s kind of weird but that’s how I remember the rain moment of my childhood.

But things run in different way…

Today, Whenever I’m sad I wanted to drowned under the rain so that people may never noticed that I weep. My tears are falling while my face is smiling. I can’t imagine the ridiculous thing that draw beside this what they called insanity of love. When I’m sad, I’d love to run under the rain, run as far as I can. Run till i drop at the end of the horizon. Run till the time was tickling while the tears are falling. Run barely naked and think those things in an innocent way. Run..Run..Run under the rain…

Things are changing in this melodramatic world of woes and fears. Change is the enemy of time. Time is the enemy of the person who loves life. It is a bit weird when things change, coz when I was a kid when I’m happy I’d love under the rain and now whenever I’m sad I’d love to be drowned under the rain. Why changes occur? Why?



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