“Pick me, Choose me, Love me”

Posted: March 13, 2012 in my tears and joy
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Sometimes we get in the point of our lives when we realize that we have more yesterdays than tomorrows. I tried to close my eyes and forget about yesterdays but still it haunts me everyday. The phantom of the past keeps chasing me even if I’m trying to en sepulcher it to the oblivion. I wanted to live in a normal way, in a way where the people seamlessly bending the capacity of fantasy and reality. I wanted to have it, but the more pain that I’m suffering the more I realize that I am a human living in the utmost of this iconoclast world.

Early this year I fall in the line of love where both of us walks in the limelight of  happiness and gladness. I found this person with a wonderful thoughts and a good companion. We shared our happiness, sorrows and pains in life, the more I get closer to the person  the more I was captivated in the velvet of love.  Love again strikes me like a thunderbolt in heaven.

I’m not a romantic person and I’m still mourning from my past. Then love was on my way in a romanticism effect that makes a butterfly in my stomach. I drawn a margin between reality and fantasy of love. I omit the sadness from my past, I neglect the feelings that enshroud the entire me. The feeling is really asymmetrical and it goes beyond the tickles of time.

After a month, we separate our ways. I lost the person that gives time and effort even if how busy we are. We  work in a various  design of industry that never met the time of duty but we still collide because of love. I lost the person because we never fight the obstacle that we had. That was just a simple challenge but my partner gives up. The fact is I know how to resolve this issue but the boat was sinking and my partner gives up that is the greatest sadness of mine.

Sadness covers me like the sand in the beach. My life was  miserable again. I was dumped again. I was so thankful that I was dumped because I learn how to be more strong and how to handle the next person that will try to enchant my heart. So I say this Pick me, Choose me, Love me… This time I say Good bye..

  1. Ejay says:


  2. stephanneish says:

    you deserve someone better..

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