Losing my religion: Am I that dirt enough?

Posted: April 1, 2012 in opinions

In this world we have lots of options that we can choose. But we need to click the right option, and that option will change the entire you, the entire part of your decision, the entire part of being who you are. We already know that the world in here is very ridiculous and it is being rude to someone, somehow this world is not owned by someone not controlled by any. This world is a friendly world with a healthy environment that bounds with different choices.

Human beings are created in a sense that they are empty like the world before. The world was empty in the beginning meaning humans are empty too that would be the reason that we are barenaked when we get out in the womb of our mom. So the rationale on it is that human beings are molds through experiences, social development and awareness whether its good or bad. And its up to you if you chooses the good or bad.

I lost my religion last 2010 but still it was just the religion itself. I was wondering if what would be the religion of Christ when He was a staying here in this world? What would be the religion of Moses, Abraham and others when they are still alive? I believe that they don’t have religion but they have God. I have God, I believe in God and I never encourage someone to believe with me I live in a so called democratic country. Even though I lost my religion but not my God, the more I lost my religion the more faith and LOVE bounds me to Him. I chooses Him as my best ever bud. He is always there to be your guide and light path.

The reason behind losing my religion is that I don’t want to be affiliated and be biased about the opinion of people who are zealous in their religion. I love God. I love GOD so much. I am part of the Deism, that is an atheist sect that has no religion but there is God and still they called their self as an atheist. DO NOT MISINTERPRET! LISTEN! READ AND CARE!

The atheist and agnostic is really different. Agnostic doesn’t believe in the existence. But ME? I’m not part of them, I still have the question but I keep it on my mind.

Now, I have new religions.

Respect, this is the first religion that I kissed. If you never respect others then you are playing against yourself in the limbo. Like Mother Theresa, she played and never put aside those people surrounds her. She never left them in the dark. No matter how they believe, how they live, how they work, and their races Mother Theresa showed a kind of RESPECT that is really different.

Kindness, the second religion that I lived for. Kindness is the crown of virtue. Kindness is not just an ordinary word for me it is really extraordinary. It touches the entire me whenever you are here. Whenever you will choose this one without doubt you will see the other side of you.

Compassion, the third religion. This word is equivalent to LOVE. Love is a broad word that sometimes we misinterpret, sometimes we questioned this perpetual word that conquers the entire people. Why sometimes love is hurting us and why love makes us happy? Like Christ done to us He sacrifice Himself to save us.

Why do we need to question people about their beliefs and tried to convince people to be part of their community? Why do we need to throw trash talks against our brothers and sisters about their beliefs? Why we cannot build a healthy environment without embracing envy, greediness and self centered social community? Why we cannot stand together and create a healthy community that has one goal? Like the word Faith, it is not what you believe but it is how you put faith in other people and acted it with love. But why we cannot do it?


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