The Journey of Dreams with Canvass

Posted: April 1, 2012 in opinions
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(Photographed by Elle Manugas)

“I love arts…I just know I can’t be without it…”

-Elle Manugas

If you are an artist, you are being gnawed as an artist. It seems that you are living in the line of every Van Gogh’s work and Picasso’s masterpiece of love as an artist. An artist is not just only in the lineage of painting but it deals with every artistic works of hands, heart and mind. It is a passion that emblems the purity of every individual’s expression. It is where you put your hearts into it.

I started to bury the boredom of the City and join my colleague to have some fun in the Southern heart of the Province in San Fernando. I was with Kiss and her boy friend Arvin, Nat-nat, Liz and Art, and Jay are. The weather was fine and the breezes is like the acrylic that envelops the innocence of the canvass. My feeling was so intense and we reached the municipality.

The place was so unrealistic, the house was so big and was covered by love and harmony with the family that was staying there. My friends and I was enjoying, and the place will distressed you. Its not a resort or an expensive place but it was the house of Nat nat Manugas. In that place I’ve met an aspiring artist, she was the sister of Natnat, she was Elle Manugas.

Elle Manugas is an artist with heart and passion. She was a positive thinker and a happy person. She took Education in Cebu Normal University. It was just a casual conversation with her. In that palaver I discover that she studied in the foreign country to embrace the world of art. The world where minds, hearts and hands are creating the world with liberty, freedom and love. That is art for me. I saw a portfolio of her and was amazed that she is a good artist.

She studied at one of the branch of University of Utrecht, Parnassos. I ask her about being an artist she answered me that it is like meeting new people, talking through ink, paints and others. It is where her hearts belong to and she can’t live without it. She was nice and very good comrade. I was really shock and my hair is having a standing ovation. That was really impressive.

It seems that I was looking forward to have those Cebuano artist like Celso Duaso Pepito and watching Jose “Kimsoy” Yap, Jr brushing their brush. But sad to say that some of the artist are studying outside the country to have the passion. Why? It was my pleasure to met Geldane “Elle” Manugas in the part of my jaunt in the southern part of Cebu.

Obra Maestra of Elle Manugas

you can also view her arts in her blog at or you can add her at


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