The pathway of an artist is not easy, there were obstacles that you really need to pass. There were trials that makes you cry and say into your self that I need to give up coz you can’t make it. The roadway of being an artist is not simple as what weve seen in the television. Its not easy to tell a story in front of the media and portray a character that makes people interest in you.

The last time I saw a play that was year 2009 and was produced by the UP Stage and was played in SM Cinema 1. That was a cebuano play in the spanish era which the rebellion of the cebuanos are held in the play. The cebuano accent lingers in the whole area but that was the past.

 Our training manager, Anne Gamay,  in Teleperformance Cebu invited me to watched “Berde: hindi lang pula ang kulay ng pag-ibig” and was played at the Marcelo Fernan Press Center Lahug Cebu. The play intrigues me since this is the 1st play that ill be watching for how many years and its for free.

So when I watched the play, there is a woman that drags me to weep over the characters mournful situation. She was the mother of the main character Edwin Ocampo. She is a loving mom and her name is Charo. She loves her son and provided her everything. I was wondering how she handles the character in such a small period of time? I cried a lot in her monologue coz she will be loosing her son at anytime. She was really a good artist and for God sake I was given a chance to interview her on her personal number (feeling close mode ko ani, hehehe). 

Her real name was Rachel Laya-og from Mandaue City. She graduated in University of San Carlos  Cebu and studied Accountancy and now working in an international bank. Her life is very extraordinary, its really hard to be an artist while working in other ways. We already know that Cynthia Patag, Eugene Domingo, and other actresses that grabs the limelight of their passion from cinema and soap opera were coming from what we called the stage play.

When she was young she really loves singing, dancing and stage acting. She was a member of the Focus Production and was mold by the disciplined director Loyd Sato. For her she never called a major or minor roles, all of the roles in the stage play were very important in delivering the mesasge to the audience. The essence of the play is very important and your minor or major role is not that important as long as there is the message and your whole heart embrace the fact then you can deliver the entire message with love.

She played also in “Bus Terminal”, “Piring”, “Paglilitis ni Mang Serapio”  another play that was created by the same production that produced the “berde”. And for her every play that she had is very important to the history of her life. It is already part of the timeline. Im asking her if she will be given a chance to be part of the brilliant director of indie film Brilliante Mendoza together with the big star of indie like Coco Martin, Gina Pareno, Mercedes Cabral and Nora Aunor she laugh out loud in her text. She answered that maybe its not her time to be part of that kind of production and still her heart is with the stage play where she belongs.

Rachel is still striving for good. She gave me an advice that to become an artist you really need to have an extraordinary of self discipline and lay out your schedule for rehearsal. Time management as well and to dedicate your entire heart in the play. Without heart the play will look dull and dry, even though if you are the most charming and promising actors and actress then if you don’t have a heart and willingness then you are nothing. Rachel is a happy person and living in the extraordinary way of limelight where the eyes of the public was in her. She was an oridinary woman, a woman with heart, with passion and with love.

Cebuana artist were really good and have a self determination to achieved their dreams. Rachel right now is working with her new project from the same production and the same director Loyd Sato. I am so happy to met her in person and was flattered to have a simple chit chat with her.


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