the dawn of the two homilies

Posted: October 11, 2012 in my tears and joy
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It was a chilly and dusky dawn of October 09, 2012 and I am running in a hurry to the office. I am still wearing the shorts and trying to get the emptyness of the elevator and rushing to the 8th floor of our office.  When I entered the vicinity of the office I felt awkward when our Senior Operations Manager staring at me like a hungry lioness in the midst of the greeny forest. Her eyes expressed the emotions of being tired in watching the numbers and statics of the entire travle and hospitality account of the company.  She was still staring at me and asked me what time would be my breaks. (I think this girl wanted to talk to me, for what? what would be the agenda?)

It was an enigma that was drawn into my mind after providing me my break schedules to her. I tried to ask myself if what are those things that she wanted to asked me about. It was a BIG question mark was drawn into my mind now.  When the tick of the clock hits the 1st break of mine I was on her side already. Sitting like a kid and watching her fantastic smile that creates a scary emotions on me. Im scared maybe she will eat me. She talks like the Gloc 9 rapper in our country and discussed some sensitive matters in regards with my employment that supposed to be my supervisor will discussed that one but I was already talking to my supervisor at that time before I reached the highest heirarch of the company.

Its seems that I was slapped three or more times in front of her disccussing some nosebleeding terms and words that was out of my vocabulary and heres me still staring at her and listening to her gospel and homily. That reading was really great, it touches the vanity and my ego and I know that it was my fault. I was just staring at her in silence…

After that particular conversation with my SOM in the office I sat back and log in to my facebook. Im searching for any inspirational qoutes that can boost my inspiration. But I have a customer on the other line and having a conversation with that customer. After I gathered lots of qoutes in it I posted it on my facebook. It creates floods in the news feeds, and that qoutes run into my mind without any intentions to post.

After that  I received a notification that I was mentioned by our  Director in stage play in Cebu. It was another written gospel that was in the parchment of the group. It was a reminder about the rules that we had in the group. Then there was a sad face that was painted in my face at that time. That sad face makes me realize that I am still a human to err. The errness that I had creates the variety of impression in my brain trying to double check if my actions on these days were right or wrong or asking my self what happen to me?

After a mere wink I realize that there is something wrong about that time. Any alibis that you created it will makes a bad impression in improving your self discipline. So I was not afraid to embrace the criticism and reminders from the big people that I worked with. They have different ideas in putting you in a discipline but the most important thing is they CARE about you. They CARE about those things that might hurt you in the near future. They CARE everything about YOU. Its like a parents that makes caress to their children whenever you created something wrong and reminds you of that rather than leaving you in the midst of the labyrinth and no lights were provided.

I was so thankful for that reminders Riva Ramasola and Loyd Sato for being a wonderful guidance to us and to me. I know that being in that position is not about the team and the fame  that you had but it is all about sharing your inspiration to everybody. It was a remarkable reminders that I think I lost myself. I embraced the fact that it was a nice Idea. To lead is to inspire and to inspire is to discipline and to discipline is to achieve your main goal. Then I remember my theatre teacher when I was in high school Ms. Elizabeth Gorres.

  1. panyang says:

    ulirang manunulat! hahaha =PP

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