In the midst of the chaotic blitzkrieg

Posted: October 25, 2012 in my tears and joy, opinions
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Sometimes the palm of destiny will always toyed our fate with the bitterness of the barracade that they are using. In the midst of this random skirmish we are still shedding our bloods and tears at the end have two faces its either winning or loosing the battle. They played in the bias way, some of them will hit your head so that you may not be able to think on how to defend your self. Some of them will hit your eyes so that you will be blind about the truth and lies. And lastly they will be able to sew your mouth so that you can’t talk back and can’t find your way to talk about the truth. Even if you will cry for help the vortex  of bitterness and grudge will gnawed you at the end until they will churned you out and be defeated.

I am an ignorant and was naked about the truth. Some of the people created a traumatic experiences on me and  was engraved in my blue cognizance. That ghastly sophistication is a nightmare of my past and its always be part of my experience as human. But that certain experience is a nightmare that can lead you in the field of insanity. I don’t know where to go, I don’t know who is the person that I wanted to talk to and I found myself at the corner of the dark room crying and get pity on myself. I was wondering if God’s angel or shields will be here to cover the pain that I am feeling right now.

This is not the first instance that I encountered a trouble in my life. When I was a kid Im so nice about other people but they are like dogs that can bite you up. They will be very nice to you if they wanted to have something and at the back they will stab you hardly and create a pain. But still I ignored them, I ignored them and tried to hide that feelings till now.

I never beg for any mercy here, but I learned to fight. I taught myself to fight for this type of battles.  Teaching yourself will make you strong, there will be no allies here but you, yourself and I, its gonna be a teamwork from yourself.  Then I realize that if I defeat myself that will lead me in the corner of hysteria and if they will defeated me then it transform me from the carpet of assylum.

I accept those things in a positive way. Thinking that I can achieve my dreams through the stones that they cast against me. I was insulted not once but many times. Not just professional, with government positions, with religious organizations positions and also simple man. I don’t even know what are those harsh words that I made why they do these things against me. They hit me below the belt and I was blinded by them. Still I continue to hit my goal without noticing them that they are on my way.

I am always be the victim of injustice verdict and prejudiced assumption of the people that enveloped at me. I always remember how bitter those words that was thrown against me at that time. I know how does it feel and I know how does it makes me goes to the place of insanity and thinking myself beyond the field of pity. I pity myself at that time, I pity myself in every hour coz people are not listening to me, I pity myself because people are not putting an effort of trusting my ideas and ideology. Its like standing in the midst of the corn field like a scare crew that was rotten at the end of the day.  Still I fight for it kindness is a nice revenge as what my mom’s always advised to me.

Then I realize that I don’t like to do it to others since I know how does it feel. I always follow the golden rule of Siddharta Gautama. As what Mother Theresa said “that the real poverty is not about without money, but it is being unloved, ignored and rejected”, this one is the most horrible than poverty.  I am still fighting for those people who are being ignored. I am defending them for those people who mentally abused them.  Therefore discrimination is an act of crime. A crime that suppressed the human rights and the essence of being human. Its like a murder for me and im not exagerrating it. The word that im trying to imply is all about RESPECT.




  1. stephanneish says:

    stongly agree… discrimination is indeed a crime.. i believe that everyone deserves respect..
    no matter who they are..

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