In disputing my Abondonement of duty: an explanation of heart

Posted: November 9, 2012 in letters to my family, letters to my friends
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“Freedom of expression is the basis of human rights, the source of humanity and the mother of truth. To block freedom of speech is to trample on human rights, to strangle humanity and to suppress the truth.”   Nobel Peace Prize laureate Liu Xiaobo

I’m not a one liner nor a single word person in explaining my side in regards with the report of abandonment that was happened last July 22 2012. It is not my intention to do it, I am really genuine to the feelings that I wanted to express. I don’t want to disrespect my colleague, the supervisors  and the entire company to violate the company policy. But if that situation has given me a chance to sent myself to our house with total consent  and take the full rest then there were no issue.

It was dawn of July 23, when my gums was conquered by the severe pain of my wisdom tooth and my body was gnawed by the ultimate illness. I am really sick, I can’t even talk well cuz the pain is refraining me and having a hard time to think. We already know how the toothache cease our serenity but in this case it ruined my entire day.

The Nurse On Duty, asseverated that I need to have only an hour rest and provided me the mefenamic acid that upsurge the swollen of my gums. I asked her if she can send me home cuz my body is really weak and I saw an intangible disagreement in her face. I annotate that I have a 4/11 plotted schedule and it’s a long way to run. She just checked my temperature but not the situation my swollen gums. She told me that only the doctors will decide if I’ll be send home for rest. The worst thing is there were no doctors on duty. So I left my post rather than waiting for miracles to happen, but it is not part of my philosophy to left my comrade in the midst of war. It is not my attitude to violate the mandated policy in our company, I was forced to left due to the callous rationale of the nurse. If her idea is a protocol then I’ll be rot in pain and felt the philosophy of struggle.

The inflation of the pain strikes my pocket and my gums and I gradually felt the enmity at that moment. I don’t have money and scarcity completely churned my sinking economy. Knowing that I am not yet covered by the company’s healthcare, then I cannot afford to see the dentist right away. I need to wait for the payday and completely save me.

I went to the dentist, it was a government dentist that seeing me. I grab the oppurtunity so that I can have a free check up but at the end I was referred by other private dentist to conduct the cleaning of my teeth and gums and that thousand of money was wasted for my health.

I know how important my job is and I know how health will affect the entire job. If I never had the time to rest do you think I can have a good conversion rate at the end of the day? If I’m still in the office at that time do you think I can provide the 101% of quality and productivity if my mind was divided into two thinking of the pain and the responsibility of my job? If I’m still there and my case will be worse how much money do I need to spend coz i am not yet covered by the company’s healthcare?

I am not stating here a false and melodramatic statement. If you were on my shoe you felt the same thing to. You will feel the injustice verdict from the eyes of the people that surrounds you. The scarcity that covers you is a chaos that leads you in the labyrinth of nowhere. I don’t want to point a filthy finger to accused someone but that would be the history that pushes me to create an unlawful act.

I would face the end of this trial calmly, with no regrets in expressing my opinion and looking forward to tomorrow optimistically. I look forward for the acquittance of this incident and I know that at the end of the day your voice will be heard.


-and at the end I won the case, It was not an easy ER case… But if you have the right then fight for it! Stop the word power tripping and respect your co-employees!


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