In the world of mendicants

Posted: December 16, 2012 in my tears and joy, opinions
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(this photo was taken when we played the stage play “SERAPIO” at CAP auditorium, Jones, Cebu City. December 2012. This is me..)

I saw the filthy world of medicants. Their aroma that lingers in every nostrils of our nose where ignoramus lived within their heart. The hidden tears behind their beautiful smile that they casted over the happiness of one peso that was given to their raunchy palms of hope. The inclement street is their bedroom with a million stars glittering in the vastness of the menacing celestial sphere of avidity. Their world was hopeless.. but full of hope.

In their world I know it is not easy to survive, where they have a dream that was trapped in the limbo of time. Where faintheartedness is their daily bread, where they outstretched their hands for alms. This is the way of their living, this is their modus vivendi.

When we started to open the curtain of our stage play entitled “Serapio” that was written by Dr. Paul Dumol and directed by Loyd Sato, as part of the characters I saw a different world, a world where my life change and my points of view too. Where I started to begged for money in the audience for food and a one peso to create my happiness but people saw it differently. There were bigotry that chased us every now and then. People are scared to be with us and they will never give us money to defeat the omnivorous state of our characters. They don’t want to belong to their world, they want to ignored and rejected us and threw us away like others in the street. Sad but that was true, there were caste system in every mind of us. We cannot deny that we are disdain of the people who were drowned in the bottom of poverty. We cannot nullify in ourself how these world has its own dimension of torment. That perculiar experience opened my eyes in the world of reality where dreams are just for dreamers and justice are for wealthy people.

We don’t have a place where we can feel the genuine of love, where flowers are hope and we can paint in the canvass of experience of many colors that would be an iota of our dreams. We don’t have the world where people are wearing their smile every now and then. We don’t have the world where limelights will highlights everybody, and wishes are coming true every second and minute and show the entire place where they called “paradiso”. We don’t have the world where tears doenst exist, where pains cannot be seen in every eyes, where there were no wars permeate. But if you wanted to have that perfect world, then that is the world of damnation. The world has its own drama. The world has its own timeline of bitterness and happiness. And the world of mendicants is another part of this world that emphasize the realism of life.


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