USJR 2013 SCANDAL: In the Philosophy of Struggle

Posted: February 7, 2013 in opinions


The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.

– Martin Luther King Jr.

I was so thankful that you put your comments here in my site and definitely we are just expressing our thoughts, points of views and opinions because we are entitled to have it since our country is democratic.  It is really good to have a comments here and there coz there were no people refraining you to express your rights. 

When I am scanning the comments of my post ” USJR 2013 SCANDAL: THE BROKEN DREAMS AND REPUTATION” I noticed that someone asking me, why I tolerate this comment to be put in this area where it is really foul and disgusting?. Yeah! Why? Let me tell you about this that when I pressed the “APPROVED” button here in my site I had lots of things in my mind.

 I saw 2 types of people here, the one that is educated and the one who pretend that they are educated. Some are claiming here that they are from this eligant school and they have the best school in town. They have some harsh and unconstitutional comment here, it is really degrading and it mirrors of who you are.  There is still the word “DISCRIMINATION”  exist here, that leads us in the valley of separation. We are not helping our hands here on how to prevent this case if it will occur again.  If that person commits a mistake do not crucify her with your judgement. The question here is HOW CAN WE PREVENT THIS ISSUE AGAIN? What are those things that we need to do?

Do not compare those things that you have.  When I tried to read your comments here it seems that I am watching how was Jesus suffered in the road of wilderness by the hands of the Jews. This is just part of the observation that I had here, how I felt for the comments it churn my heart into pieces.  

 Some created an issue that the girl committed suicide and some say that the phone was stolen or the laptop was stolen. There were lots of version that Ive heard from different people but what is the real story? What are those things behind that scene?

 WE should stop pointing our filthy fingers here if we claimed our self as educated and part of  that prestigious school. The word “RESPECT” never exist anymore, for every EDUCATED people here, PLEASE remember the word RESPECT.

 So the spicy and harsh comments below are the evidence  that people are abusing the RIGHTS OF EXPRESSION, violating the word RESPECT, let the word DISCRIMINATION exist and PRACTICING THE UNCONSTITUTIONAL way of being a human.  So if you already watched the video, just listen to the victim, asked what are those things that we can prevent this, and act coz maybe one day your video hits the word “NOW SHOWING”.


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