EAN Memories: Solid Year of Teamwork

Posted: July 20, 2013 in my tears and joy
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(Sup Dhon, and his team in the event)

    Sunday, hot afternoon, the sun is invading the entire ground and foods are not yet served. The husky breeze of the winds draw a line between the horizon of fantasy and reality at that time. I am hungry, foods are seductive and my mouth is craving for it. Our colleagues are staring each other wandering what are the games that they prepared in the team building. Excitements are the word that was in our mind

Yesterday is the anniversary of our LOB (line of business) here in the company that Im working. After the event of having bunches of reservation from different hotels in the United States, here I am together with the colleagues formulating the fun during weekend and enjoying the sun of summer at the penthouse of Aegis People Support Cebu at IT Park.


(Riva, our Senior Manager plays the tug of war in Saturday event)   

             Lots of unprepared thoughts were being painted in the unaware faces of the participants fascinating if those events were bloody or having more obstacles that can develop us. I was wondering if we will win the race or not. I was participating the second day of the event since we are divided into two episodes (episode jud? LOL).  Our Senior Operations Manager Riva,  was there and she already participated the saturday event together with the other supervisors on the floor. Our manager Ezrie was participating, the event was hosted with the cooperation of Hcom supervisors and Senior Operations Manager Cath.


When the event was started, we created our own flags, names, and cheer that emblems the unity of the team. The feeling of knowing your colleagues in different sides of them at that time was really good. The empty stomach, the whispering brains and the aggressive colleagues pushing to win the games that was created by the administrators for us.  We have lots of games that was planned and slightly my brain wasted 10% of the neurons coz I only have 10.5% of it (See? .5% nalang ang nahabilin sa akong brain…lol) .

The most challeging part of the game was  “The tail of the dragon” where we act like a dragon and we will chase the tail of the opponents team. Nostalgic moments was there, it seems that I went back to my childhood way back 20 years ago (Whahaha! 20 years ago jud?). Its like playing the tumbang priso, tagutaguan, patintero, luksong lubid, japanese game and so many childhood games during 90’s.


Next in line is the EAN Amazing race version, its really amazing coz we played the game to outwit and to oust the other team. We run to the entire building of the company from penthouse to the parking area (see? ka amazing man lang if mag stairs ka aw wala na jud na ang imong fats ani..lol) Startegic and cutthroat teams playing the game, solving mystical puzzle that we need to decipher, the agility, and the quick thinking with the factor of creativity are the qualities in winning the game. Each member of the team concentrated to grab the diadem of success and to bag the awards at the end of the day. The aroma of the sweats covered the coldness of the aircon in the office and the game ends way back at the penthouse.


  (Rob, Kath, Sup Dhon, Juri, and Ram performs during the event)  

     EAN agents and supervisors together with the managers are not just only good in booking rooms, doing 4D’s, thinking outside the box, but they are also full of talents from singing, dancing, drama, and other stuff that makes you amaze and roll your eyes like a roll away beds.  EAN people are really creative (no sugar coating here..lol) .


As the coldness of the night embraces the entire penthouse, before we end the activities we ate delicious foods that full our stomach and run my brain again (even if this one is slightly used).  There were lots of learnings that was vested and covered in the activity. Team building is not just only for fun but it’s  like learning 100% of having a good and healthy environment at the end of the day.  The yolk of it is we measure how strong is the bond of the team and how the continuity wraps the entire team. As they said, its one team one goal. The more we spent those sweats we have the more we learned to value our colleagues time and effort. We are having more fun while learning…


As far the years goes by, still we continue to learn due to those mistakes that we’ve made before. Don’t be scared to create mistakes and learn from it. We can do this as long as we trust to each other and build the rapport to each other. Happy Anniversarry EAN! Soar high!




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