“Libertatem Fantasma Concipiatur Animorum”

Posted: July 20, 2013 in letters to my friends, my tears and joy, opinions
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“Freedom of expression is the foundation of human rights, the source of humanity, and the mother of truth. To strangle freedom of speech is to trample on human rights, stifle humanity, and suppress truth.” Liu Xiaobo, I Have No Enemies, Nobel Prize Laureate

I want to concoct a painting that was situated on my genuine perceptibility. I want to shout out the music of my hypothesis in an asymmetrical way. I want to draft a word with elucidation in the parchment of liberty and will. I want, I want, I want what I want! These are the phrases that was drawn in the palm of the mendicants of freedom. The freedom of being not to be discriminated in the eye of the verdict of ignorance. Where the freedom lies in the midst of every dreams, ambitions and hallucinations. Where freedom is a lost soul that wanders in our dreams.

Thousands of years ago, freedom was a struggling soul that wanders in every places here in our country. People died, killed, murdered and stabbed in every part of the country to actualized the word freedom. It was then the fact that our forefather fought for freedom in different modus vivendi millions of days ago. Stones were crashed and hearts turned into ashes for the sake of freedom. But still freedom is not a fact but that was just a mental picture. Freedom explore already in various blitzkrieg of our country. The onslaught which poor are baits and rich were beneficiaries of the hallucination of the fictitious warriors of freedom.

The human freedom is our cull of being gratuitous for those things that we need to do in a moral and ethical way. As what we embrace today that our country rules using the democratic way. Some people says that freedom is the synonym of democracy but to me even if our country embraced the word democracy but the word freedom still remain a big question to me. In your own opinion have we had the word Freedom?

Freedom for me is more on equality where there were no limitations of being equal and the absence of pressure and enforcement from other people. Freedom is just a simple word that was casted by your mouth and the mouth of every people who fought in the battle of hardship. If we all view the struggle of our countrymen from the iron hand of our brothers then freedom was just nothing in this democratic country. Freedom was just part of our illusions. The word freedom contains the word of respect, love, faith, trust and hope to each other. Killing freedom is murder. Killing freedom is killing yourself in humiliation. Killing freedom of other people is dictating their will. Freedom nowadays is nothing in this country.

The liberty of every Filipinos lies in the every palm of us, not in the votes that was casted by our Congressmen and Senators in the camara. Our freedom is the most precious gift that was given to us. Freedom really means a thing for me. I myself loves to have freedom and I love to share freedom to my countrymen.

At the end of the day I can’t imagine that freedom is the one that I am fighting for. If you give respect to the person that means freedom. If you give love to that person that means freedom. Simple but its not easy. Then I realize that freedom is synonym to love and respect. And in this country freedom is a phantom and a nightmare of everyone.



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