RELATIONSHIP: The Age of Worries and Separation

Posted: December 17, 2013 in letters to my friends, opinions



I don’t understand why there were lovers as sweet as sugarcane has a bittersweet moment during the period of separation. I think there certain issues that lovers need to handle especially those in a long term relationship. There should be a vast reason over the dark side of the relationship. But one thing that was in my mind, why there were no apostrophe, parenthesis, and quotations that are applicable in a relationship? Why period and comma exist?

I’ve been battling for my relationship  now, were running two years but I’m not counting it like counting lambs in a daydream. I’m not trying to imply that we have a perfect relationship that exists like in a fairytale or movies but some people do think about that. Remember this is the real life, issues are been given as a constant hindrance and for you to find the answer you need to manipulate over the solutions. What are those solutions that might be possible to think? In what way do I need to kill the cat? You know what I can’t sleep tonight that would be the reason that I’m writing this down as part of my journal.

They said that they wanted to have the perfect person in their life. The one that makes them happy and the one that makes their fantasy fully completed. Fatality comes at the end of your fantasy there were relationships that ends in a short span of time and some of them end during the stage of worries.

The stage of worries exists not only during the first month or the second month or in the third month. It exists in every angle of your life and in every shades of your love story. Stage of worries will exist if you don’t trust your partner. It exists when you have everything already and you felt comfortable to the person. This will exist also if they have already the issue of trust during the first semester of your relationship.

In a couple of months ago, I was talking to a bisexual couple whom they have any arguments over their relationship. Their fun time is war over one simple thing. I don’t even bother to tell them that you guys are in the stage of trying to have the compatibility of their emotions. Even in front of me their arguing like a kid they are throwing words against each other that end up their relationship at a premature stage. See?? Why these things happen?

Another couple that I know they are heterosexual (I don’t like to brand it that way but for you to be able to understand Ill make it simple as I can) they are already married at the age of 19 and 20 and they are confuse of those things that exist in their relationship. The guy is 20 year old, his too young to handle by the girl instead of being responsible as a daddy he is playing as a kid in the family. Where he was spending time with his DOTA friends and barkada and he doesn’t have time to spend it over his family. The girl is 19 and short temper, every time the boy is not around the girl will easily burst like volcano under the siege of lava and magma.  They are arguing things that exist and never exist and lead the end of their relationship.

Relationship is not manipulated by one person alone. There would be no “ONE CAPTAIN” at the same time. There should be two souls that bonded as one by the invisible golden string of relationship. If you argue over that matter then argue on it, don’t hesitate to find a solution. If you have those problems to your partner then talk to them politely and avoid harsh words that might hurt the ego of your partner. If your partner is in the volcanic mode and ready to explode his/her temper then lower down your ego, listen and be calm.

Do not argue when the other talks, do not take actions like SEPARATION is the best answer of everything. It may sound that you are premature enough to handle the crisis of yourself and the crisis of being what you are and who you are. Do not let the day end if you don’t have any idea on how to save your relationship. Do not think about having a call off to your partner coz it may lead to misinterpretation of loosing him/her at the end of the journey.

Relationship is like making voyage in the midst of the sea. The question is how you will survive if a great hurricane will try to crash your ship? How you will survive for the catastrophe that will try to wreck havoc the ship that you’re riding? What are those materials and plans that you need to do in protecting your ship against the malady that is coming? Is it leaving your partner behind or creating an effort and solutions in making things that would be better?

Remember you are partner not only in times of happiness and joy but also in times of sadness and sufferings. DO NOT TAKE SEPARATION AS YOUR EXCUSE OF BEING SO LAME IN HANDLING YOURSELF. Be more responsible enough to find solutions coz if you guys are already married bunches of challenges will try to destruct you to test how strong your relationship is.





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