Are You Loyal or Faithful?

Posted: December 18, 2013 in letters to my friends, opinions


While wondering the beauty of Colon Street which is the oldest street in the Philippines I saw flocks of lovers running down the street. Some of them are sweet and some of them are just silent walking along the grandeur street. I don’t even know how things will be tract one by one. In common lovers exist during the stage of being a stranger. Trust? You can’t have it in a mere wink it’s not a constant number that was been given to you, you need to work hard on it. Simple things are not made to simpler as what Einstein said.

Then I paint a question in my mind, is a person a loyal in terms of love or a faithful in a relationship. I gather some of the data to some of the strangers that drag me to a little bit conversation during my free time. Some of them don’t even know what the differences of the two are. Some of them will try to opt as loyal but doesn’t even know what loyal is or what faithful is.

Being a lover you can’t serve one God at the same time you should put one thing in an uppermost part. So I’m trying to figure it out on solving how these two people will separate their identity as lover and what are the differences of these two?

The word loyal comes from the Latin word “legalis” and from the French word “loial” in English that is Legal. In this word its implication says that it’s the way how you stay to the person no matter how many times you messed up. The word loyal to me is like emphasizing like a dog. Remember a dog is one of the loyal animals in earth. They don’t give meat for food, they don’t lay eggs for your meal but they give love and caress. Only in one kiss your pain will ease.

Dogs will bark and fight for you at the end of its life. They will serve and protect you no matter how strong is your enemy and foe. But the characteristic of a dog is mysterious. They will eat in various houses but they will be coming back to your house and sleep. They are like human, they love to hang out with others, mate with others and BINGO they are fighting for your relationship at the end of the day. Most of the loyal were men coz we know that men are born of being polygamous. They can have more women (or even men) in their side but they are loyal and wanted to stay to the one they love. They keep secrets and they are aware of it. Try to ask yourself why these people called loyal if they played the game secretly? It’s for you to understand the situation that maybe both of you guys are not sexually compatible (ill post another article about this at the end of the day) or at the stage of being wanderer in your relationship. REMEMBER THE GOOD THING ABOUT BEING LOYAL IS NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES MAN/WOMAN MESSED UP THEY WILL BE STAYING WITH YOU AND WILLING TO SACRIFICE FOR YOU.

The word faithful exist in the mind of every woman. Women are faithful but today due also to the influence of western culture we’ve got only 85% of the women who are faithful but its normal. Some of them are transferring to the loyal team. Faithful people are those who believe in you within your dogma or philosophy. They will carry you no matter what happen unfortunately when you messed up they will never believe in you and they will transfer to the person that deserves their faith. They are those people who are zenith that they will praise you at the ziggurat of their heart. But if they found out that you are not as faithful as them remember no talks, no arguments and no requirements they will be disappear like bubbles in the blue. Faithful woman are those hopeless romantic, making a fantasy that made out from the television that they are watching (or what we called the TELESERYE QUEEN). FAITHFUL ARE THOSE PEOPLE THAT WILL SERVE THEIR FAITH TO THE ONE WHO IS FAITHFUL ALSO.

So I made a realization that somehow in relationship there were two types of lovers that you need to understand.

Handling loyal people is not to open the Pandora’s Box coz it will haunt you at the end of the day simply because you never trust the person that would be the reason that you need to have the Facebook account or any social contact of your partner. In a relationship you need also to bring the word PRIVACY as always. Do not open the mobile messages or the Facebook accounts for the sake of yourself. Possessive people are always doing that because they are scared that someday their partner will leave them behind.

Handling faithful people are not easy because they are perfectionist and possessive and it may lead to an end of being obsessive. Most of the suicidal people are obsess and most of them have a long term relation but they’re keeping their dog away of being a social animal. Left and right of jealousy, the battered wife exist, the miscommunication and the doubt without trust will possibly happen.

So what type of lover do you wanted to have?? What type of lover are you? ARE YOU THE LOYAL OR THE FAITHFUL? Try also to check another part of my blog after this coz im trying also to dissect what type of relationship do you have..

I am open for any criticism about my post or any brainstorming matter. You can also post any suggestions, comments or reaction and also you can email me at or






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