The Unsung Notes of Music

Posted: January 25, 2014 in dreams, letters to my friends, my tears and joy, opinions
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The Strong Ones - The Peacemakers.


The real hero fights for his people not for his business. The public servant loves his people not his wealth. The real Mandela thinks about his people not about his WEALTH comparing to the late PRES. CORY AQUINO hiding during the chaos of MARTIAL LAW in our country.

The person who loves his country is more aware of his people not caring about what he owns and what he has. While reading some article of NELSON MANDELA OF SOUTH AFRICA his fighting for the equality OF THE BLACK AFRICAN PEOPLE coz he believe that freedom doesn’t have the color to take on. Freedom chooses no color, no races, and no levels and is provided equally. Freedom is the dream of everybody from Middle East to South Africa, from United Kingdom to United States of America, China to Southeast Asia but these dreams slowly achieved by everybody.  Freedom slowly penetrated in the skin of every nation.

I am also inspired of AUNG SAN SUU KYI, where she’s fighting and face the struggle in Myanmar. She fought for the freedom of her country against the unscrupulous Juntas that created Myanmar in the dark ages. AUNG SAN SUU KYI faced the guns in her face, eating threats, and was convicted for freedom. She was arrested because of FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM IN MYANMAR and she’s not hiding in her own dean.

Another man fights to end the communist single party in China and was convicted fighting for freedom without any fear. Fear that comes with devastation you at the end of the day. Fear that becomes your nightmare. But for Li Xiabo of China his conviction is not for his self, his fight is not for his own satisfaction but this fight that his facing is for his countrymen that suffers against the claws of communism in China. His positivity about his advocates made me think that why these persons are not born in our country maybe God put them with purpose. Maybe God put them to let our eyes open. Why these people live in where pain and sufferings are their breakfast and the darkness of their cages during their time of imprisonment are their yard. Why these people are convicted for the sake of other people? Why??

I hope that one day we will learn to love our country. We will learn to enhance the resources that we had. Our country has natural resources that is abundant and tremendous but was use in a wrong way. I hope that one day we will be having the same dreams and ambitions that instead of embracing the hallucination word called “FREEDOM” it will become true and genuine. I hope that there were leaders in our country who cares the welfare of every Filipino not by how much is the RETURN OF INVESTMENTS he will be having. I hope that one day when I open my eyes there will be no tears from the struggle of our dear brothers and sisters, there were any ravenous brood opening their palms begging for food. I hope that there will be no HOMELESS people roaming around without descent abode.

I hope that one day there would be no silence of ignorance and fright that will lead us to finish our scuffle without experiencing the authentic outgrowth of free will. I hope that my dreams will be your dreams that someday there would be leader to stand in front of us opening his palm, swallowing his pride and talks no debris of lie in front of the people. Let’s try to rebuild the weakling edifice of our government, to enhance the judiciary system, the national security and opens the country for international businesses to improve our sinking economy. Let us not close our eyes to every melodramatic life of our people but be sensitive enough to formulate new strategies in eradicating the poverty immediately in every palm. Let us collaborate and fabricate a new country with hope, faith and love that rules at the end of the day.


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