Having a Boyfriend like You

Posted: February 9, 2014 in dreams, letters to my friends, my tears and joy, opinions



I don’t understand why they called love as “Mysterious”? Why the world love is very dangerous and I don’t even know what the heck is going on if you are being pulled by the power of gravitational force they called “love”. Even Einstein and Newton wasn’t able to characterize if these things were the mystery of the black hole in the universe or any related theories about gravity and its supernatural vigor.

When you feel the word love in your heart it will shattered out in your mind. You don’t know what to do; you are talking unaccompanied and gone astray the scents and the name of the person you’d love. You are fantasizing that you are the prince and the princess but way a minute we are not talking about the archetypal love of the person here. We are talking regarding the love that I’m on right now.

I felt in love to the person that will never love you. I trust someone that never trusted you. I’m hoping the people that never had the instance to come again in your way. I think that’s love. You are annoyingly creating some wrong doings over the hypothetical way of the ordinary person. But maybe that is love. Love is a drug that always being prescribed by a numbers of doctors and it was proven and tested.

Right now, I am with this person who changes my whole life. Who painted a stunning image in the canvass of my existence. I am now with this person that trying to embrace me of whom I am and what I am. It’s like moving the heaven and earth towards you. It’s like creating a new strength or a new contraption of my life in a certain distance. I’m so thankful that I met him. Yes! Him! He is Mhark Khevin Antipuesto, the person that on the whole lives in a decent family. His mother is a public teacher and he is also a licensed teacher and teaching in a private school near in their house.

He transform my whole life, as sales person whose making a reservation daily in a foreign country that those people who are calling us are my virtual customers. I don’t know if they are white or black as long as I treated them well and they book a room with me then it’s good to go.

We are almost 2 years in a relationship, fun loving boyfriend that I’m scared of losing him one day. Even in a single second or minute when he was not in my side I felt unfilled. His text messages and calls mitigate me of being unaided in my space and in my life. I always visited him during weekends and talks a lot. I’m his official secretary; I’m the one who created his lesson plans, his grades and listening to his daily complaint and its part of being a boyfriend of a person that accepts you of who you are. He introduced me to his sets of friends and classmates and his family too. I felt comfortable of being me when I am with him. I don’t even know how fortunate I am to have him as my boyfriend.

You know what he is not my emblematic boyfriend. He is more than what I thought. He is the one who encourages me when I’m behind and friendless. He is the one who painted a smirk when I am miserable and blue. He is the one that fulfill my fancy that I’m beating two birds in one stone, a best friend and boy friend. I think that God gave me him so that I may realize that love will never take place in a single phase, but love provides two faces: happiness and pain.

He shares everything to me, his resentment, his happiness and his victory over a rocky day. I shared him also my frustrations, my dreams, and my plans in life. I never met a person like this. It’s like lying in the grass in the middle of nowhere watching those beautiful stars while I’m holding his hands. I know that this is a potion of love where both of us are under on it.

The weirdest thing about us is that we have different tastes of everything. He loves comedy and love story while me?? I love horror movies, suspense, and those movies that garnered an award in Oscar or any film festivals. He loves music that new to my ears and I love classical music that old enough to everyone’s capability of listening. I admit it I’m oldie, old fashioned guy who’s living in the other side of the world. He is younger than me; I think its 5 years gap from both of us. But one thing we both love is food. We love to eat anywhere but sad to say when I was diagnosed with Amoebiasis I wasn’t able to find a good place to eat.

I found him a responsible person to all the girls and boys that I have a relationship with. That would be the reason that I can’t move on when he told me that his ex boyfriend ditch him without a strong reason. That guy is pathetic! I don’t even know what those reasons that useless guy hurts him are. But one thing is in my mind if they never separate their ways there were no possible things that me and him will find our ways to fall in love.

Sometimes I dream that one day I’ll be building my own house and have my own car with him in my side. That our hairs are gray and we keep our smiling face together as one happy family. That one day inside my sweet dreams that we are crossing the street, hard to walk but holding hands and showing to the people that this is what they called love. Where there were no boundaries and limitations, where there were no harsh words that will be thrown against us of being gays. Where there were no eyes of discriminations that churn us one by one. That one day people in this world will accept us of who we are and what we are. That one day we can also build our own family with the blessings of the people. I am certain that it will be perhaps happening one day.

  1. steph anne says:

    hahaist suya ko much sa story.. asa na kaha ang para nko 😦

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