One Liter of Tears: A glance of joy and happiness

Posted: February 9, 2014 in dreams, letters to my family, letters to my friends, my tears and joy, opinions



“I write because writing is the evidence that I am still alive”

– 1 liter of tears, Aya Kito


I just completed watching the Japanese Series that was based in a true story entitled “1 Liter of Tears”. It was being showed in GMA 7, a Philippine Channel station here in my country years ago. I wasn’t able to watch the series in Filipino dubbed since I’m working throughout the night time. I’m a bit busy at that time but now I had the opportunity to momentary look and finished the series on my own in my room.

It’s a story of a little dreamer, a 15 year old Japanese girl that was diagnosed by an incurable disease called Spinocerebellar Degeneration. The disease can cause one person to be paralyzed and losing the control of their body and at the end they will be unable to eat, to walk and to talk. Her family and friends are hoping her to surpass the great battle in this malady but she can’t afford to refrain hurting herself in the heartless glance of the people surrounds her. The verdict of their eyes stabbed her at the back and started losing her hope and become helpless. Since this struggle continues she always wear a smile and continue writing her diary and saying that “I write because writing is the evidence that I am still alive”.

Her battle handicapped me in a mere wink. I was thinking how this girl continues her fight with a shield of smile and the sword of encouragement? How come she can do this if I was in her position I don’t even know if I will pick the pieces of me or continue living in the dark corner of this malady? Her weaknesses become her strength, and she believes that her mobility is not the hindrance of being her. The way how she think and she write over this piece is like creating a monument that I and my fellowmen will be inspired in every page.

The story is inspiring but tragic. It creates a kind of manifestation and influence in my life. The time, the time how many time that I have left in my life? How am I supposed to spend the quality time to myself, to my family and to the person that I loved? Life is really fragile, if you lose it then it doesn’t mean that you are already defeated some of the victorious battle ends bloody like hell but some of the battle continues after the war. I was wondering if how I can treasure the last drop of the tears that I have. How will I start the battle without knowing where to start and where to end and become victorious? Every time I’m watching the Japanese series I can’t handle to wipe my tears dropping unconsciously. I already spent more than 1 liter of tears for this.

Aya Kito, you inspired me on how to treasure the single moment of time that I had. This series is remarkable and I admit it I love the plot of it. I’m hoping that one day I’ll be able to read your diary or the novel perhaps. Every tickle of the time delivers a new you and a new me, but that moment it can be more meaningful if you treasure those characters behind you. Your optimism inspired me so much; I hope I can have an ounce of that to win my daily battle. That event in my life still continues to roll but I need to be more positive in viewing my life. Your life story motivated me, even if you’re no longer with us still your memories will be living in your family and in my mind too. Harigatu Gozimasu Aya!

In this life the only strategy that we are equipped is on how to handle your positivity during the battle. It is how you will wear the shield of smile and the sword of encouragement till the last drop of your tears.


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