(photo by: zack tagalo)

(photo by: zack tagalo)

I want that I have the greatest journey on earth, where sunrise is the best painting that colors my entire life. This is the first time of this year to view the sunrise over this salty water. I’m hoping that next month i can have the travel over Osmena Peak.
But anyways no matter how many pains that im facing at least you give the best fight on it. As long as you wear your shield of happiness and you are enjoying every tick of the clock.

I love watching Mr. Sun again. I love watching him painted the entire body of the sea with serenity. See? No matter how hot is the summer as long as you don’t give up then that’s what we called happiness.

Last 2008 is the last time i took myself in the sea and yesterday that was the first time i saw and smell its fragrance. The aroma of the past will always reminds me saying don’t forget to smile.

Oh Mr. Sun, yesterday is one of the happiest day ever. Thanks for the invitations anyway. Even if i lost my voice but the mixture of my emotion joins this beautiful sunrise at my back. I love you Mr. Sunrise!!

At last, before this moment ends i have some beautiful memories with my friends and my baboy KIbin Kbot Kpop who always protect me and gives his caress. Thank you!!

Mr. Sunrise i will see you again..


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