Me, My Blog and I


(photo by: King Rosales)

The Naked Truth: Uncovered

Freedom is consist of various things that can be decomposed by people who are ignorant and unscrupulous.

This is my personal story, my personal opinion and battle. Every thing that was posted here are based on my opinion. It will unearthen the fact and stay away from the coldness of fear and rejection. “The naked Truth: Uncovered” is the music of my liberty and the freedom of my thoughts.  This is the parhcment of my emotions and opinions.

I want to remember those things that had happened in my life. I want to record everything here. I know that every second of our life in this world is very important. I want this site to witness and record the memory of my days. The memory that lingers in the midst of my mind. I don’t know how to express it but maybe this is the way how it say it.

I want to write this page as part of my learning in this radical world. Learning are due process as well as love is. In this page also you will know how much I care people who shares with me their happiness, sorrows and experiences. I don’t want to miss a thing here. Im also sharing my thoughts, my opinions and expressions in our community to let people know that the story exist.

I was so happy that I was here posting the moments that was part of my life. I don’t know where to go and we don’t even know where to end things in this life.

I must say, things will happen by seconds not by chances so treasure everybody. I love to say to everybody that think positive.

Always with you,


  1. capable4 says:

    simple but brilliant

  2. AKO says:

    brilliant? Sure ka?

  3. Enchang says:

    hi. i like the fact that you started your own blog, and personally, i like your topics so far. please email me for something important. i believe i may be able to help you. 🙂

    ps: i don’t usually post like this. i just felt like helping you out, if you’re open to one.

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