An explanation Letter: A friends case

Posted: February 9, 2014 in letters to my friends, my tears and joy, opinions



September 05, 2013


“It would be difficult to dispel ignorance unless there is freedom to pursue the truth unfettered by fear.”

-Aung San Suu Kyi, a non violent pro democracy social activist of Myanmar.

This is in regards with the allegation of “NO CALL NO SHOW and CALL IN POLICY” that was filed by my supervisor for the month of August 2013 but was filed in the month of September 2013. I was accused of not informing my supervisor vis-à-vis of the absences that I had.

We already know how the impact of NCNS in the company was, it will wreck havoc the entire performance and the entire records of me. I’m also protecting my reputation here as part of the pioneering agent in the account.

For 3 years of existence in the company I always follow the company policy and inform my supervisors in every step that I’m doing coz “ignorance of the law excuses no one.” It’s not that it is a protocol to observe but it is how I respect those people who surrounds on me.

From the maturity of my existence in the company I always ask for that information that will protect both sides me and my working environment in this company. I always render overtime and worked during my rest days and I voluntarily do it.

Somehow there were instances that we cannot refrain of like what had happened to me in the said date

that was filed by my Immediate Supervisor. Its unpremeditated circumstance by any chances it will lead me to a catastrophic end.

It was not a good day at that time; my body was gnawed by enfeeblement. The coldness, the numbness and impassive feeling embarks the tiresome of my body. I submitted myself to check by a doctor August 09, 2013 and was advised to take a one day rest on the next day.

On the second day, still my body was not good. I’m asking the physician if I will send myself to the hospital so that I can have a good recovery at the end of the day but they advised me to take just another day of rest.  Still the occurrence of the malady plague-ridden and still the doctor advised to have an extra day of respite. And still I was tagged as NCNS every time that I was not in the office.  (Please see the PCF)

My question is why I was tagged as NCNS even if I’m informing them ahead of time?

The attending physician will always inform us that the validity of this medical certificate is when you submitted yourself 24 hours upon the day that your sickness occurred. And the company policy stated that if the employee was tagged as NCNS it will be lift if they presented a medical certificate before and after they will resume to work.

“Despite being asked to show up as walk in for immediate assessment by the clinic doctor agent preferred to be absent” (quoted at the PCF).  I already have my medical certificate that was dated August 09, 2013 and I was advised to take a rest on the inclusive date August 10, 2013. This is the same thing as what the other medical certificate that I had.  What would be the essence of going to the clinic if I already have my medical certificate and was checked by the physician on the said date. (Please see the dates of my medical certificate when I was checked by my doctors)

And the thing is we don’t have medical doctors during weekend in the clinic. Nurses on duty will advised to seek the affiliated clinic outside the company premises. How come that the validity of my medical certificate was voided?

“Agent did not inform her IS on these occurrences but was able to inform the rest of the leads”. (Quoted in the PCF). From the company policy it stated in the Schedule Adherence Policy that “Operations employees must call Forcedesk at least 2 hours before their shift starts. Failure to call is considered a NO Call No Show and merits a Written Warning for the first Occurrence. A No call No show is considered a gross neglect of duty in this business.”  Since our account itself doesn’t have a proper Forcedesk and my Immediate Supervisor’s shift is 8am while my shift is 5am I took the logical way of informing the Supervisor on duty 3 hours before my shift. Meaning I informed ahead of time and still I was tagged as NCNS and leads me to a Written Warning? And also warnings are filed against the employee on real time basis. The case was filed September 03, 2013 and the incident happened starting August 10, 2013.

Today, I’m facing the age of worry and the struggle of my employment in this company. Every word, every thought and every action of mine is my responsibility and I’m aware on what are those moves that I wanted to take on. I know that this warning will obviously reduce my performance but I will not let that day that I’ll be gnawed by my fear and my innocence.

I’m scribbling this explanation letter to express my thoughts and to exercise my rights. If I will never express my thoughts and exercise my rights I will be haunted by my ignorance every time I close my eyes.  My battle cry over this warning is to execute what would be the right things that I can do. What are those things that I’ve learned and what are those things that we need to learn in the near future.

I love my job that would be the reason that I stayed in this company for 3 years already. I wanted to worked more than what I wanted to expect and to grow with happiness in this lovely environment. I defend myself in the accusation because I don’t want to lose my job in a mere wink due to ignorance and innocence. I am a single mom and I do care for my kid. I don’t want to lose my job due to the negligence of my comprehension. Without fear I only fight for what is right and what is wrong to end the paroxysm of ignorance. I don’t want to run naked and walked like zombies in the midst of the labyrinth without knowing where I’m going.

I never sign this PCF not because I wanted to ridicule my Supervisor and comprise an act of unprofessionalism but to let them know that I love my work and I’m just expressing my thought and execute my rights. I never sign this castigation to encumber my superior but to elucidate the incident between the legality and the validity of my medical certificate and to be more aware of what are rights and wrong. I never imprint my signature to the PCF not to disobey and create a cacophony protest to wreck havoc my superior’s integrity and we will be working with excruciating feeling and impassive impression but to stay longer with our agent-supervisor relationship. I never sign this parchment not to outwit my superior but to clear myself in this case.

Finally, in the excursion of this battle I hope that there would be a fair judgment. I am really positive that justice will prevail at the end of the day. There is no wrong of expressing my thoughts and exercising my rights what would be wrong is if I’ll try to ignore this one and be defeated at the end of the day without executing my rights.

Note:  We won the case and the person that was alleged by this is now okay. The worst thing about this scenario is that her Manager sent a sarcastic email to the HR Officer that handles the case to reread and review the company policy, and if I’m the HR officer then I’ll reply to him without any doubt  advising him to religiously read the entire book of the LABOR CODE OF THE PHILIPPINES before he open his filthy mouth.  




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